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Natalija Cernestova

lithograph from etching
Year executed: 
Jeffrey Price and Esta Berman-Price
Description / History: 

The title of this design is 'Scherzando,' which is a directive to perform a certain passage of music in a lively, playful manner. The original etching, created in a signed and numbered edition of 100 examples, is 6"x4" on a sheet 10"x7." Though a beautiful print, it was too large for actual use as a bookplate. I had 250 re-printed by a fine lithographer on rag paper, with rounded corners self-stick backing. The detail and the colors are virtually identical to the original, and it is of remarkable quality.
Cernestova used motifs from Venice and from Music (piano, lute, guitar), and the sun & moon. The woman's dress pattern is adapted from a design by M. C. Escher, the Dutch artist. Escher also created bookplates which I collect at
I am happy to trade the smaller printed version of this beautiful design, but the larger signed and numbered original etching must be kept for very very special uses.