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Bookplate Exchange

Bookplate collectors will do just about anything to obtain new ex libris prints. These aficionados keep lists of their holdings organized by artist, subject, period, technique, or by owner. Typically ex libris collections are not purchased at auction, but are built through the “exchange” of duplicate prints. Collectors will commission as many of the finest artists of their time to increase their resources for exchange. Many collectors will commission hundreds of different designs and keep numbered, dated checklists of their personal bookplates. This is our tradition.

On our NEW page you may post your bookplates for exchange. NO ITEMS FOR SALE, PLEASE. Be sure to include the artist, year executed, technique, image dimensions–some brief history of the design would be useful. Let us know about the correspondence you generate and it will be interesting to see what prints you swap for. We appreciate your participation and plan to reach a larger audience via this website and all of the social networking sites.

Your participation ensures the success of the NEW Ex Libris Exchange page. We welcome your ideas and suggestions to improve our page.


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