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ASBC&D Centennial Celebration and FISAE XXXIX

Jack London Square * San Francisco Bay * September 2022

Together We Take Great Pleasure in Announcing the San Francisco Bay Area’s

“Open” Ex Libris Bookplate Design Competition & Exhibition

American Society of Bookplate Collectors & Designers (ASBC&D) and Fédération

Internationale des Sociétés d’Amateurs d’Ex Libris (FISAE)

Cash Awards funded by the Keith Wingrove Memorial Trust, Melbourne, Australia

Logo calligraphy by Joke van den Brandt


The Keith Wingrove Memorial Trust of Melbourne, Australia, XXXIX FISAE Global Congress, and the American Society of Bookplate Collectors & Designers (ASBC&D) take pleasure in announcing the “Open” Ex Libris Bookplate Design Competition & Exhibition for 2022!


We hope that you are healthy & safe! The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in 2020. Printmakers around the world are now invited to participate in our new competition.  The deadline is May 15th, 2022 and all entries must be “postmarked” by this date. 


We invite the finest artists & printmakers on this planet to submit entries for our Centennial Celebration and XXXIX FISAE World Congress Competition and Exhibition. Works must be created between 2020-2022. The ASBC&D will host the Congress at Jack London Square on San Francisco Bay, in Oakland, California. The Congress exhibitions will be presented in San Francisco.



Competition Rules

1.- The Competition is open to all artists.  Participation is free of charge.  Simply include your email address, physical mailing address, CV, personal statement, techniques used, and a photo  portrait.  We may use this information in future publications and on our website.

2.- Only entries made utilizing techniques approved by FISAE for original graphic art prints will be accepted for the Competition. In other words, just about any printmaking technique imaginable!

3.- The Ex Libris entries will have the following characteristics: Your bookplate must be designed between 2020-2022.



  • The only requirement is that your bookplate entries must fit inside a book. Of course, the name of the book owner must be included. Also the words Ex Libris or The Books Of or The Library Of and the owner’s name. There is some flexibility on the dimensions as we understand books come in many sizes. If you have questions, please write.


  • No indications or markings of other competitions must be present.


  • The following must be written in pencil on the reverse side: surname, first name, email, and the address of the artist.  The dimensions of the image area and technique used.


  • Written in pencil in the lower margin under the image on the front of your print(s), please include the edition title, number, date, and your initials, signature, and/or trademark (stamp).


  • Entries can contain books, articles, prose, images of the San Francisco Bay Area, or our Centennial Celebration.


Only entries with the above requisites will be evaluated for the Competition.  All those missing one or more of these requisites will not be considered.


Each artist may submit a maximum of five entries, each of which must have at least five (5) signed copies.  Four copies will be held in the ASBC&D library collection and used for exhibitions & publications. One will be in the collection of Keith Wingrove Memorial Trust of the Australian Bookplate Society, Melbourne, Australia.  The exhibitions will present the artists’ ex libris prints to a wide ranging international audience.


All Ex Libris prints submitted will be used for exhibition(s), for publication by the ASBC&D, and our member institutions. Simultaneously, we are planning a travelling exhibition in the USA 2022 that will begin with the exhibition at FISAE: San Francisco 2022.  Entries will not be returned.


The Keith Wingrove Memorial Trust has designated prizes to be announced shortly.  The entries, once accepted by the Jury, will be selected for publication in the Exhibition Catalog.


The winners will be announced at the XXXIX FISAE Congress at San Francisco in September 2022 and prizes awarded at this time. Until this day all the artists will be strictly forbidden to publish or post on the web or social networks the works sent for the competition, under the penalty of being excluded from the competition.


The bookplate entries must be sent via Registered Mail or Priority Mail (with tracking) by 15 April 2022 to the following address. Entries must be “postmarked” by April 15th, 2022:


ASBC&D,  P.O. Box 14964,  Tucson,  AZ,  USA,  85732-4964


At least 100 works will be reproduced in the catalog.  All the other artists will receive an electronic file with the works admitted to the competition.


Participation in the Competition implies full acceptance of the above rules.


For further information, please contact: