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Bookplate of the Day

Veselin Damyanov-ves

Veselin Damyanov-ves is from Bulgaria. Veselin is an award winning ex libris artist working with mixed media techniques in the creation of his designs. 

Art of This Century Gallery

The Art of This Century Gallery is a compilation of ex libris artists from around the world. The gallery offers short biographies of the artists and images of their art.

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A Word from Cliff in England: the Jester in Ex Libris

Since writing this essay, I’ve examined, through the miracle of email, two superb modern ‘jester’ plates from the James Keenan collection. One by K. Kalonvich for A. Selle, shows a smiling Till Eulenspiegel with the traditional adjuncts of owl and mirror, but also with some more whimsical images — the asses ears on the man reflected in the glass, trimmings of feathers, and a snail creeping along at the border. What here, were the secret fancies of the owner who had commissioned the plate, and what those of the fertile mind of the artist? A plate, clearly on which to meditate at length, and with pleasure!

Blacking Warehouse and Fitness Studio — A Successful Novelist Seen in Bookplates


At the age of twelve, when his impoverished father was sent to the debtor’s prison, his schooling came to an abrupt end. Suddenly he found himself among the many children in the soot black London of the 19th century who were exploited in child labour. Later he used his experiences in a rat-infested blacking warehouse at the Thames in his literary work. His photographic memory retained places and persons and helped him to make them come to life again in his great novels.

Charles Dickens whose 200th anniversary is celebrated this year went through all ups and downs in life: bitter poverty and humiliation as well as extreme wealth and fame.

Grace B. Sibley

American born Grace B. Sibley (1883-1969) has the distinction of having Bookplate designs created by two of the finest Australian Bookplate artists of their time: Harold Byrne (1899-1966) and David George Perrottet (1890-1971) and was able to commission these plates directly meeting these artists face-to-face. Grace, also known as Mrs. Lewis P. Sibley, arrived in Sydney on 28 December 1935 at the absolute height of the first Bookplate revival and no better city in which to reside as it is generally accepted that the Australian Bookplate movement was born there and thrived there until it faded and lost popularity after the death of the father of the movement John Lane Mullins (1857-1939) and the devastating distraction of World War II.

About Ex Libris

Since the fifteenth century, distinguished artists and their patrons have given serious attention to this art form. It represents a miniature art developed to adorn books and a convenient, individualized way for the book’s owner to be identified. The bookplate, or ex libris, is a label placed on the inside of the front cover of a book. 

Traveling Exhibition


The ASBC&D offers a marvelous traveling exhibition of contemporary international bookplates. This exhibition opened at the Instituto Allende, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico during February 2009. It has been re-mounted and is now available to tour. Scroll to the bottom to see some photos.

Exceptional ex libris prints created by 120 artists representing 30 nations–300 fine examples.

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