Always Looking for Bookplate Collections

Do you have a box of bookplates gathering dust in your attic?  Unearthed a small collection built by a family member?  These may be loose, mounted, or in a scrapbook.  Perhaps you have a file drawer with a surplus of duplicates.  Or simply a change in your collecting interests.  It may come as a surprise, but we receive notes about discoveries like this regularly.  The ASBC&D has a keen interest in building an important collection to share with future generations.

We recently received several hundred antique bookplates kept in an old shoe box!  Wherever you may find them, let us know. Need an appraisal?  Enjoy the benefits of tax relief through donation. We purchase, exchange, and accept charitable donations of bookplates, books on the subject, and any related material.

Collections will serve to advance the public’s awareness of this neglected graphic art form through exhibitions, illustrated talks, and our various publications.  Since the ASBC&D initiated this campaign, we have received more than 30 collections — several you will see on display at our World Congress and Centennial Celebration in San Francisco 2022!

The Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Our mission is to further the art and study of bookplates.

Inquiries invited.  Please write to:


 Wood engraving by Valentin Le Campion (1903-1952)  Russian-French


James P. Keenan, Director

American Society of Bookplate 

Collectors & Designers 

Post Office Box 14964

Tucson, Arizona USA 85732-4964        


The international association of bookplate artists & collectors since 1922!