Andrew Levitsky


Levitsky uses Intaglio technique—modern Intaglio which includes different ways of work with metal; both Etching Drypoint, Engraving, Mezzotint and Aquatint. A combination of different manners, union of graphical embossing and picturesque intaglio allows the artist to create complicated, wide in range, intense in expression. The possibility to draw freely with a needle on a metal board preserves a straightforward manner of art’s creation and imprints artist’s individual mode and temperament. Surface is natural for Intaglio. Due to this, imprint obtains deepness and lightness. A fundamental stroke is short or long, straight or creatively stretched, condensing or crossing; it is able to communicate different shades of the mood as well as the landscape’s condition, its multidimensionality, spaciousness and airiness.

Andrew Levitsky principally holds on to the laws of the classical Intaglio printing technique. In this aspect his work is direct continuation of Rembrandt’s and Shevchenko’s art heritage and a development of his direct teachers’ experience.