Esra Kizir Gokcen


Born at Istanbul in 1971. Graduated from the Graphic Department of Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty, with pedagogical training at the Ataturk Education Faculty of the same university. Worked as graphic designer and illustrator in advertising agencies and broadcast industry. Carries on her painting, ex libris design, and print making studies, runs workshops for children and adults in her studio at Anadolu Hisari Istanbul. Organizes corporate art activity events with an event agency.

Since 2005, participated in many group exhibitions. Esra Kizir Gökçen’s works are placed in various collections in Turkey, America, China, Italy, Cyprus, Finland, Ukraine, and Spain. Member of  the Istanbul Exlibris Academy Society and the Istanbul Exlibris Society. General Secretary of the Lokomotif Culture and Art Society.

“You see, I start working with lines; without thinking of what I am going to draw, but thinking of the line itself… Finding my direction with the guidance of the line… Following the line wherever it leads me…”

Esra’s remaks on the 2014 FISAE Exlibris Congress in Tarragona: “This experience enlightened my thoughts about world of exlibris. Meeting exlibris professionals from all around the world draw my interest to the special area more than ever.”